A New Way of Business Post-COVID-19


As populations around the world respond to the concerns raised by the coronavirus pandemic. We know that with these uncertain times comes a unique set of challenges both for businesses and the customers on whom they depend. Now more than ever, it is up to companies to innovate. And come forward with new methods to ‘continue’ doing business. One such way is to digitise your business and processes.

Digitising in multiple ways. 

You can incorporate the latest technologies, such as video conferencing and using cloud storage to access company documents remotely. Expand your business online by using an e-commerce platform, an online chat or even a mobile application to enhance your customers’ experience. Embracing new technologies to digitise your business, will help achieve the desired results.

Advantages of digitising your business

Here are 4 things you can do to be proactive during this time of real uncertainty. 

Stay Informed

Don’t be afraid to look at what other people and businesses are doing to survive. By surveying the business landscape, you’ll get a better understanding of new trends, what people are looking for and how other businesses are meeting or not meeting those needs. Resources such as the rising retail categories tool, Google Trends and Google Alerts can help you stay up to date.

Be current and transparent

Customers are continually looking for new information online. The purpose can be for fun, personal or business-related topics or simply what your operating hours are. Online information should be updated regularly to reflect any changes. Update your customer-facing sites, Social Media Profiles, Business Page Profiles for Google Search, Google My Business and Google Maps.

Adjust in real-time

The world is changing faster than ever, with new developments coming to light with every passing minute. This means that your business cannot afford to remain dormant while consumer behaviour shifts. Regularly check that your product information is updated across all channels and that your marketing campaigns remain relevant and effective.

Go remote

One of the most important messages that have been shared across the world has been to stay safe and if possible, to stay home. This situation has proved to be the ideal opportunity for thousands of businesses to change the way they do business. And adopt a remote working approach. Video conferencing solutions like Zoom and Google Hangouts are easy to use and provide teams with a place to keep communication channels open no matter where team members are. 

Looking beyond COVID-19

Few businesses have proved to be immune to the uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus and the ensuing economic crisis. With the right approach and strategy, businesses have uncovered how to function and be successful. 

All if not most industries require digitisation and people all over the world are making themselves aware of this truth. People are embracing new technologies like never before. Learning new ways to buy, use, enquire, search, and implement their needs. The question that you have to answer is: Are you ready to deliver them this experience? 

Azapi will help you with business digitisation together we can ensure that your business stays relevant, useful and optimised in this time of digitisation.