WordPress Care Plans with Upgrades


At Azapi we take great pride in keeping your website in mint condition. Our WordPress Care Plans make provision for core WordPress upgrades, plugin upgrades, database optimisation performance checks.

WordPress 5.0

In December 2018 WordPress released one of their biggest updates yet and as a precaution we held back on implementing these changes on our sites. We believe that these systems have now stabilised and that this is a good time to upgrade your site to the latest version of WordPress. This will ensure that your website remains a great ambassador for your company and is able to handle your online marketing efforts.

Care Plans

Azapi offers three different versions of the WordPress Care Plan, namely the Starter, Standard and Business Care Plan. While each offers a different set of features, they are designed to ensure your website stays up to date with latest developments and that we are able maintain your site on a regular basis. Get on one of our plans today to minimise the risk of an outdated website or even worse, a broken website!

Ad-Hoc Support

Clients who are not on a care plan will be able to benefit from these upgrades at our standard development costs. We will be upgrading all standard websites to the latest version of WordPress as well as ensuring that all plugins work correctly, at a cost of R 1800.00 (ex VAT). Any additional development fixes will be done at our standard hourly development rate.

We will be completing these upgrades over the coming weeks and will keep you updated with the progress of your website. Please do not hesitate to contact us on support@azapi.co.za or 087 820 0780 with any further queries.

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