Keep your website updated with no fuss


There is a plethora of content management systems out there, and we’re realising from experience that it’s not so much about how much the system and its hosting costs, but rather the total cost to keep your website up to date.

The additional, not so obvious costs of keeping your website up to date include things like:

  • training staff to use your CMS;
  • training staff to have enough knowledge of the web / html to make informed decisions;
  • ensuring there’s continuity, when the staff member responsible for your website, leaves your company;
  • keeping your CMS patched and updated;
  • having access to consultation / support if you want to expand your site; and
  • spotting mistakes on your website or having access to recommendations on how to improve your website.

The abovementioned normally carries a higher financial expense than the hosting of your website, and is normally not considered when making decisions about providers.

Azapi provides a service, similar to a micro-web-department, where you get 1 hour of content updates or support included in your package.  This hour can be used to make content updates, ask questions or to come in for a coffee and a consultation session on the way forward.

Drop us a line if you’d like to find out more.

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