E-Commerce Stores

It’s all about developing a great online shopping experience for your clients.

Be Visible

Reach More Customers

A professionally built website is the easiest way to start selling products and give your business the ability to reach more customers. Today’s consumers are even more comfortable than before purchasing a variety of goods and services online. 

In fact, online shopping is so convenient that many customers are no longer shopping at physical stores. An online store is an ideal way to reach a broader range of customers and makes your business part of local, national and global marketplaces.



Why do I need an online store?

Consumers are increasingly looking for more convenient ways to shop for the products or services they need, without having to visit a retailer's physical location to make a purchase. Simply put, an online store makes your offerings easily and conveniently available to clients 24/7.

Why is e-commerce becoming increasingly important?

Because consumer behaviour is changing. Most shoppers (almost 81%) begin their journey with online research, so convenience and instant access to all available offerings are vital to this step. Additionally, e-commerce is an indispensable component of any business strategy because of increased competition in the market and the reduction in costs it offers.

What are the challenges facing e-commerce today?

There are many, but one of the biggest is ensuring that your e-commerce component is an integral part of the business. Additionally, finding smart ways to capture and measure data, meet customer expectations, maintain a scalable and flexible offering, and ensuring a consistent experience across all touchpoints with consumers. Let Azapi step in to assist you.

What should a good e-commerce website include?

A good online store should remove any barriers to purchasing by getting the following basic things right: easy-to-use navigation; live chat to answer questions in real-time; clean and comprehensive product pages; multiple reliable delivery options; an easy returns process; and a trusted, secure checkout process.

Customer First

It’s Super Convenient

How often do you shop online in the evenings when it is quiet and you can browse to your heart's content? It's just so convenient to add the items you want to your cart and have them delivered to your door. We tend to have little time to go shopping, most of us choose to shop online rather than trekking to the store.

This is why it is so important that your business offers this service to your customers. Make sure your customers have a convenient and effortless experience with your brand, either shopping exclusively online or being able to pop in at their leisure to your physical store.

Cost Reduction

Lower Operational Costs

E-commerce is ideal for small (to medium) businesses, allowing you to reduce operational costs such as rent, electricity and utilities, and can enable your business to grow.

Additionally, many e-commerce store interfaces allow for the automating of tedious tasks, which will free up your (and your team's) time, allowing you to focus on more profitable activities for your business.

Always On

Broaden Your Brand Offering

An online store is the perfect way to step out of the traditional brick and mortar space and grow into an innovative beloved brand. Consider this, your clients can access your store 24/7. They can pop online anytime, subscribe to your newsletter, view specials and shop your products at their leisure.

You can also broaden your product offerings easily without having to worry about finding new space to expand your business.

More Manageable

Flexibility And Scalability

E-commerce store interfaces come with a great amount of flexible customisation, including functionality such as location-based customisation (e.g. currency or language), a variety of payment methods, multiple shipping options and easier SEO optimisation. Additional functionality includes the ability to create and manage everything from products and product categories to product ratings/reviews, product sorting, filtering and more.

Today’s user-friendly interfaces make it easier for store managers to update products and fulfil orders, giving your business the power to process information fast and efficiently.

Better Connectivity

Communicate Easily With Clients

Customers love being able to communicate easily with your brand and offering live chat support is the most effective way to respect your customers’ time. Live chat lowers barriers, allowing you to communicate with your customers timeously and easily.

There are many options for integrated chat functionality that will allow your company to answer customers' questions, from simple things like “Will my credit card information be secure?” to “If I order an item today, when will it be delivered?” before they become barriers to purchasing. And yes, an email query answered within a few hours may suffice, but if answered in real-time customers can keep shopping confidently right now.


Not sure where and how to get started?

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