Social Media

Our marketing team can help you reach your target audience, generate new leads and grow your business. 

Social Media

Connecting with Customers

A good social media strategy is today’s most effective way to get leads and connect with your customers. South Africans have rapidly adjusted to doing more online. And recent events have only accelerated the adoption.

In fact, by Jan 2020 there were 36.54 million internet users in South Africa, and of that 22.00 million are social media users. 

Being on social media is about more than having social pages. More importantly its about how well are you connecting with your audience through your social media?

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Why is social media important?

How do customers find you, do they even know your brand name? Today’s social media gives your brand the ability to connect and engage with your target audience, no matter if they are local or international. An engaged social media presence and marketing play vital parts in creating brand awareness, generating traffic to your website and increasing your sales.

What is an online strategy?

Can your target market see your business online or on social media? An online strategy is designed to help your business get in front of your target market, help your potential customers discover your product, increase traffic to your website and gradually generate an increase in sales.

Which platforms are best to use for my business?

Depending on your business there are various social media platforms that will serve your business well. Please see our blog here for more information, or get in touch to find out how best to reach your target market.

Can you help me stand out from the crowd?

The key to this is: are you connecting with your social media audience in an engaging way? We can help you create value in your ad campaigns by making clients feel like your business has considered how to best serve their needs.

What is the Facebook pixel and how can it help create better ads?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that gets added to your website. It allows you to create better ads by measuring, optimising and building target audiences for your advertising campaigns through data collection.

Social Tip

Building A Community

Connecting with your audience should be the initial goal of your pages. Posts without a sales agenda and expressing your brand's personality are an important part of creating an engaging brand, so when it does come time for a sales pitch, your audience is more likely to engage.

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Social Tip

Advanced Targeting

Advertising on social media is in a league of its own with the advanced targeting now allowing amazing opportunities to reach very specific markets. It is a highly-efficient and cost-effective way to reach vast audiences, both current and new, local or abroad and showcase your products and services to them with an clever social media strategy.

Social Tip

Stand Out in the Crowd.

Make clients feel like you have considered their needs when you market to them. Personalised marketing is not necessarily about knowing a clients’ name, but about better ways of engaging clients through marketing. Create value in your ad campaigns and avoid generating the "I've been marketed at" feeling, by making potential clients feel like your business has considered how your products or services could fulfil their needs.

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Social Channels

How To Choose Your Channels

Narrow down your choices.

Facebook still is the biggest social media channel. Choose Facebook if you are looking to build relationships with your clients and turn leads into loyal customers.

Have a brand that lends itself to being smart and witty? Twitter, which is all about the words is your platform. Remember to always be engaging and concise with your tweets.

Aiming to become a thought-leader in your industry? LinkedIn is best for B2B connection building through thought-leadership style content. Build brand authority while engaging leads through conversation.

Do you have products that lend themselves to being photographed? And is your audience in the 18-35 age range? Focus on Instagram and use beautiful images to create a well-curated feed to engage clients and leads.